33 miners trapped, 69 days later, a successful rescue and the way their lives changed…

Latest Updates on the Rescued Chilean Miners, (latest on ascending order)

Subject: United Displays Soccer Work Ethic for Chilean Miners.
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Video montage showing all 33 of the rescues

Britain's Channel 4 News video recap

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I love you so much, sweetheart, tell my mother I love you all very much, I will never leave you. I'll fight to the end to be with you. ”

Rescued Chilean miner Omán Araya video message to his partner Angélica.

You could call me a psychologist of sorts, this has been my home for 32 days, I've glimpsed into the human spirit with this experience. People need a clown at their side when they are gasping for solutions ”

Rolando Gonzales, former miner, counselor who provide support for the family and a bit of entertainment for the children of the miners.

These miners are being called heroes but they are, in reality, victims of a great injustice in work conditions ”

Roman Catholic priest Father Pauvif who is been frequenting the mine for the past two months.

All OK! ”

48-year-old Dario Segovia, the 20th rescued miner, shouted to his rescuers right before they lifted him out of the ground.

I've been near God, but I've also been near the devil... God won ”

Second Rescued Chilean miner Mario Sepúlveda

I would like to thank the Chilean people, thank you very much for rescuing our brother, Carlos Mamami... Bolivia will never forget, this is a historical moment, and this unites us more every day. These events are fostering greater trust between Bolivia and Chile ”

President Evo Morales

This is obviously something that's captivated the world's attention and this rescue is a tribute not only to the determination of the rescue workers and the Chilean government, but also the unity and resolve of the Chilean people who have inspired the world. ”

President Barack Obama

I hope that this new life that you have ahead of you will be happy, you really deserve it... now just rest, recover and you have your whole life before you. ”

Chile's President Sebastian Piñera to 14th rescued miner Victor Zamora

Sometimes you need something to happen in your life to understand we only have one life... And one thinks one needs to change. I changed. I am a different person. ”

Rescued miner Mario Gomez, Mr. Gomez is the oldest and most experienced miner

If the miners can hang on and be normal, spend time with family and friends, they can manage not to be overwhelmed... They'll be OK. ”

Presumed dead, 1972 Andes Mountains Plane crash survivor Ramon Sabella

It's very important that people come from other countries to back us up... The miners need it, they are the ones inside. ”

Rescued miner Dario Segovia's sister Maria Segovia

A trip to Graceland in Memphis could be just the escape he needs after such a long period of time underground ”

Spokesman for Elvis Presley Enterprises Kevin Kern on rescued miner Edison Peña.

I think this country has to understand once and for all that we can make a change. In the area of labor, we have to make many changes... I think the owner has to give the tools so that the middle managers can bring changes in terms of labor. The middle managers cannot carry on like they have ”

Second rescued miner Mario Sepúlveda

It's a goodwill gesture that will turn into mass amounts of exposure for Oakley in a positive manner ”

Eric Smallwood, vice-president of Oakley, the company that made the sunglasses that each miner has worn.

The rescue efforts and overcome's extraordinary magnitude, an unqualified success ”

President Felipe Calderón

Here the tension is higher than down below, down there they are calm. ”

Veronica Ticona, sister of 32th rescued miner Ariel Ticona.

..you brought your shift out, like the captain of a ship. ”

Chile's President Sebastian Piñera praising the last rescued miner Foreman Luis Urzua

To the heavenly Mother of God, I entrust you, dear young people, so that you might generously respond to the call of the Lord ”

Pope Benedict XVI

This is just imaginable, I don’t know who could survive this for 69 days ”

First rescue member to enter and last to leave the mine Manuel Gonzalez reaction when he first touched down to support for the rescue of the 33 miners.

..the whole world is proud of this rescue operation ”

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

We want to show him how we lived here, how we waited and prayed every minute of every day, supporting him and shouting for him every day ”

Rescued miner Darío Segovia's sister Elizabeth Segovia

December 28, 2010
Sources: NYT :: MSNBC :: CNN :: AP :: Angela Becker contributed to this post.